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Mr. Namm has been in business for over fifty years. His career started in New York, where he was a founding member of Creative Floor Systems, Inc that installed all types of flooring for some of the largest retail flooring chains in New York. They were a prime contractor for Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Allied Stores, and most of the other major retailers in the New York area. Mr. Namm headed-up the company's operations when it entered the Florida Market.

Mr. Namm has successfully managed the company's operations in South Florida. Mr. Namm incorporated "Artistic Floor Systems, Inc." and continued to install floor system projects in the South Florida area. He later adopted the name "Artistic Surfaces" and strategically steered the company through several different phases of operations where the company went from doing "labor-only" department store work to contracting "labor and material" projects. During that period, Artistic Surfaces acquired a modern stone fabrication facility and became one of the area's premier stone contractors. After several years of operation, Mr. Namm changed the focus of his primary business from granite and stone flooring to Terrazzo. He successfully managed the operations of Artistic Surfaces into a company that has shown phenomenal growth and financial strength, placing it within the top ten percent of companies in the Terrazzo industry and exotic decorative concrete applications.

Harvey is responsible for Artistic Surfaces' overall management and marketing. He is a leader and an adept manager. He fully understands the terrazzo business. In the last 4 years he has added decorative concrete to Artistic's offerings.