Terrazzo in Hospitals & Medical Facilities

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Terrazzo A Flooring Option with Many Benefits

Hospital floors face many demands which include high foot traffic, rolling loads, and spills of all kinds. It’s important to have floors that can withstand this challenge while providing a welcoming environment for patients, visitors, and employees. Terrazzo is an excellent commercial flooring option for hospitals and a cost-effective solution that comes with many benefits.




A Lasting Impression

Providing a strong first impression is important when you need to instill a sense of trust and dependability; entrances provide a great opportunity to achieve this. Hospital entrances are the first area patients, families and visitors see and presents a chance to set a positive tone that can impact the rest of the visitor's experience. Some key ways terrazzo can be used to enhance an entrance is by implementing it in a way that helps locate services, creating a floor that ties into the design decor and incorporating colors that promote a sense of calm and relaxation.




Durability & Longevity

Terrazzo is also known to be a premium, highly durable flooring option that requires minor maintenance and lasts for decades with proper care. Durability and longevity are key attributes of terrazzo and essential to any hospital looking for a commercial floor that will last the test of time. It can easily stand up to the high-volume foot traffic, rolling loads, equipment carts, stretchers and wheelchairs that move throughout a hospital daily. Terrazzo flooring is extremely durable and a cost effective investment which can also help reduce maintenance cost within the floor’s life cycle.




Ease of Maintenance

Sanitation and preventing the spread of germs are of extreme concern in places like hospitals and other medical facilities. These places are prone to bacteria and other airborne germs, which usually lands on surfaces like walls and floors. Terrazzo is excellent in helping to reduce this risk due to it being a non-porous system, which does not support microbial growth. This flooring option is also seamless which eliminates the need for grout lines known to be a key location on floors for bacteria and other germs to accumulate. Terrazzo provides long-term ease of maintenance and cleaning a terrazzo floor is very simple. Warm water and a neutral pH cleaner are all that’s needed to clean a terrazzo floor­­—no harsh chemicals required. 




Design Flexibility

Terrazzo offers great design flexibility. Expectations in Floor and Wall finishes in today’s hospitals are high. In public spaces, such as lobbies, treatment rooms, and corridors, terrazzo can be used to create a welcoming environment with themed and patterned flooring. Shapes, patterns, colors and even artwork can be incorporated using terrazzo and can enhance the patient’s experience and comfort level.




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